Soweto Fresh Produce Market – Design

Fresh Produce Market Building

Design and Amenities, Facilities and Convenience

All buildings will employ latest Green Building Council’s best practices. And so will the Soweto Fresh Produce Market building.

Special attention will be given to utilizing biomimicry and natural air flows and layout as in the nature. This will ensure energy efficiency as well as natural ventilation.

Alternative building practice (ABT) will be employed to achieve and aid the above design. These ABT will assist with good economics of the structures and also enhance job creation, skills transfer and sustainable and economically viable business incubation.

Soweto Fresh Produce Market will be multi channel and will offer everything food related under one roof

• Fresh produce
• Meat
• Alcohol
• Dairy
• Other food related products, as well as
• Education and promotion of food production
• Restaurants
• Farmers market – giving opportunity to the smaller food producers to sell directly and end user to buy directly from farmers

National chains will have nearby packaging and canning facilities. This ensures lower cost of packaging food while packing and canning more fresh food because of the proximity to the source.

Furthermore, FPM will be designed for easy access of large vehicles, farmers, traders and general public. Sufficient parking and specialized parking spaces will be provided.

Also, large storage, cold storage and specialized storage facilities will be provisioned for and planned. This will aid the operation of West Rand Mega Park as a whole.

A mobile application will be created to facilitate direct sales between farmers and end buyer as well as monitor and meter the available levels of food stock available. The application will work almost like an online stock market for livestock, food and produce.