Soweto Fresh Produce Market

West Rand Mega Park: International Agri City and Fresh Produce Market (FPM) – Features and Summary

• The development of the international Agri City and Fresh produce market will provide world class facilities for Agricultural processing, storage, production and Fresh Produce Market to the local and international community.

• It shall enable large and small-scale farmers and food producers in Western Part of Johannesburg and North West Province to have access to local yet to world-class facilities for the trading of their fresh produce to local, national and international markets.

• Construction of a main Fresh Produce Market (FPM) complying with HACCP standard and including associated enabling infrastructure and support facilities.

• HACCP compliant Fresh Produce Market will be the first in South Africa. This means that the produce will comply with international United States’ and European standards and would be a fresh produce export hub. Furthermore, this will enable national chains to buy directly from the FPM.

• Integration of FPM and Agri processing facilities will enhance the financial viability and sustainability of PC.

• Furthermore, proximity to growers and farmers as well as integration of different aspects of food productions will lower the food cost while delivering fresher and better quality food.

• Provision of critical support (production, supply chain & logistics, marketing etc.) to farmers and food producers that most need it, particularly small-scale farmers.

  • Phase 1 of the West Rand Mega Park is Industrial Park, with full scope at R1 Billion.
  • Phase 2 – FPM is to be built to be 30 000 m2 at R 450 Million.
  • Full Scope to be an FPM that is 140 000 m2 at R 2,5 billion.
  • Full scope of West Rand Mega Park development is R 13 Billion.