Food City Area Schedule

food city area schedule

Market Opportunity

Better, Cheaper, Faster

Creating the facility from scratch and combining it with digital platforms – new efficiencies will be created.

This will result in better quality food, cheaper (saving on storage and transport costs) and available quicker and​ faster to the consumers and buyers. 

30% savings, R2 bill per year, HACCP

Market Opportunity


  • West Rand Mega Park will enable manufactures, growers and Agri-processors to access export market. 
  • South Africa is a large importer of manufactured goods and processed food products. Many of these products have been produced in South Africa, exported and then imported as processed products. 
  • With West Rand Mega Park and its manufacturing and  Agri-processing facilities we can increase South African exports of processed food products.
  • West Rand Mega Park to Rotterdam within 3 weeks! TRANSNET Rail Freight network is on the property making it possible to export from the facility
easy access to rail & n12 highway


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